Jane Doe 01

This is my very first attempt. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fantasy about sneaking into a girl’s house when she’s sleeping, you know… taking the ‘Peeping Tom’ just a little further. The girl I used to date was open minded and I finally came clean with my fantasy. She knew I would be coming over but she didn’t know exactly when. I could tell she had woken up and was into it ’cause she started touching herself and got into sucking my cock…

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Jane Doe 02

I put out an ad in the paper looking for girls that might have a dark bedroom fantasy. This ‘Jane Doe’ answered and had such a hot little body that I finally got up enough courage to give her a try. She left the key under the mat and later I let myself in… I had to back off a few times when sleeping beauty rolled around… I didn’t want her to wake up for her Night Invasion dream…

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Jane Doe 05

This lovely lady answered one of my online personal ads telling me about her stalker fantasy. I grabbed my camera… followed her around for a day… When nightfall came I headed into her house. Once finally inside I had to back away when she started moving around, grabbing for a blanket… after some time I realized she didn’t want to go anywhere… I began my exploration of her tight body…

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Jane Doe 24

OK Jane Doe 24 is a favorite… I am a ass man at heart and she has all I would ever want… a very nice round booty. She claimed to be a very deep sleeper, but from the looks of things you will notice she seemed to be a bit more awake and ‘into it’ then she would let on, she eagerly took my cock in her mouth as I came close!!!

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Jane Doe 42

This little cutie was actually referred to me by her boyfriend….a GREAT little body she was full on into the fantasy…She woke up during it but tried to fool me that she was asleep, I didn’t notice until I saw the replay…still I was so excited by this experience that I came a bit early and splooged on her leg!! Not to worry, I have gotten your messages and will be doing my best to get your requests in as much as possible…I may go back and revisit some of the more shy girls from before see if I can go a bit further. Keep those comments coming!!!

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Jane Doe 44

Ok this adventure has a little twist to it…a friend of mine had expressed an interest in my little ‘project’. A previous subject had seen some of the new stuff and said she would be interested in going farther in her adventure. To try to get better shots for you members I had him go in and I ran the camera!!! If you like this let me know and we will try again!! I also am working on a way to get a little more light in the scene without interfering with the slumber mode of our subjects!!

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Jane Doe 45

Here is another re-visit!! I had wanted to go all the way with this gal from the start but she resisted my overtures and would only suck dick. So many members were egging me on to go farther that I contacted her and she was ripe for another visit…she said she had loved the first one and wanted to try again anyways. I spied on her this time as I like to watch her from afar as she has such a sexy tight body …her ass is to die for!! Continue to send in your ideas and I will do my best to try the ones that I can!! As requsted I come all over the next subjects face!!

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Jane Doe 46

Something a little different today!! JD44 worked out well and we got alot of good feedback on it (me filming my friend doing the invading!)…so I brought along my buddy for another adventure…but this one went even a bit further….when she had written to me and said she had always dreamed of a little 2 on 1….I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off….be I think we did OK!!! Check it out and give it a rating so I know!!

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Jane Doe 47

JaneD 47 was a sweet one for me…..this girls body is a straight-out 10…yummy…anyway she was refereed to me through a member that had told her about it. we had corresponded through e-mail for a couple months before we could finally settle on a date. The best part of that was the anticipation…she gave me a choice of 3 different days I could come and I was not to let her know which day it was!!!

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Jane Doe 41

Ok here is a different adventure…..I was in Vegas for a little convention and had been talking to some adult stars about what I do….this REALLY intrigued one of the girls and she invited me up to her room later….little did I know she would have company…this made my invasion all the more exciting…the friend did seem to wake up a bit as miss 41 and I were having our fun…but I don’t really think she knew for sure!!Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

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